Renewable Capacity Addition Update – February 2013

MNRE updated their list of installed renewable energy capacity with details of the capacity addition made during the month of February 2013. The total installed capacity grew by 374.43 MW to reach a new high of 27,294.46 MW for grid connected renewable energy systems. Interestingly, the largest contributor to capacity additions for the month was solar PV systems which accounted…read more →

MNRE releases updated list of off-grid Solar PV Channel partners

The number of channel partners has increased to 190 System Integrators(SIs) as of 14.02.2013, compared to 171 SIs on 01.01.2013. The number of RESCOs remain the same, at 5. The increase in number of companies getting accredited could partially be attributed to the fact that many government tenders mandate that the bidders should be MNRE channel partners. This was the…read more →